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  • Hutsulsky Dvir

    The ethnic restaurant Hutsulsky Dvir is situated in the cozy park area near the Lviv airport.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Staryi Mayak

    The nightclub Staryi Mayak is situated in the building, stylized as a medieval ship, and is notable for vivid show programs, varied menu and high level of service.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Kuvshin

    The restaurant Kuvshin (literally: Jug) is situated in the beautiful shady park at the town's very center. Its name immediately associates with tasty and lavish meal.

    Restaurant's menu offers the most popular and appetizing Caucasian dishes: olma, shurpa, lobio, chebureki, Uzbek pilaf, khachpuri, shahlik, kebab and many other. Each dish is notable for its original way of serving: hot dishes are brought on red-hot pan, smoky shashlik - cooked on barbecue - is served on skewers, and fragrant pilaf and shurpa are cooked in large cauldrons right in the room.

    Kyiv Cuisine: Caucasian
  • Metla

    The picturesque Ukrainian restaurant Metla (literally: Broom) is situated at Kyiv's historical center, not far from the Golden Gates. The facility is notable for original design, quality cuisine, first-rate service and affordable prices.

    The restaurant's interior is rich Ukrainian ethnics, abundant with national attributes. The menu includes over 150 dishes: predominantly Ukrainian, as well as classical European. Banquette menu is worth separate attention.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • O'Panas

    Conveniently located in the Taras Shevchenko Park, near the subway station Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo, the restaurant O'Panas draws its guests by authentic interior, quality service and tasty cuisine.

    Restaurant's interior is carried out in the folk style with fortunate addition of the Ukrainian baroque elements. The facility also has an amusing pet's corner where the water purls in the stylized mill, rabbits play and a rooster sings.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Napule

    Situated within a few steps from the subway station Klovska the pizzeria Napule is a part of the sunny Naples in Kyiv.

    Facility's menu is developed by the Italian chef and includes about twenty types of pizza, which is cooked here according to all canons and rules. Pizzeria's pride is the wooden stove built by Neapolitan craftsmen.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European
  • Kureni

    The restaurant Kureni, located in Kyiv's very center, within a few steps from the subway station Arsenalna, treats its guests with tasty cuisine and genuine Ukrainian hospitality for about half a century.

    Kureni's interior is carried out in the best traditions of the suburban restaurants and is richly decorated with authentic items of rustic life. Facility's guests can take seats in one of the restaurant's many rooms or at the summer terraces.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Pervak

    The atmospheric restaurant Pervak is situated in Kyiv's downtown, within a few steps from the subway stations Palats Sportu and Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho.

    Its menu is based on Ukrainian and European cuisine's hits made by professional cooks. Vast bar and wine lists are also at guests' disposal. They feature drinks from the world best producers.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Mimino

    The restaurant Mimino stands in the city's historical center, near the subway station Kontraktova Ploshcha. The interior's design was inspired by the cultic Soviet comedy Mimino.

    Traditional Georgian dishes, flavored with true Caucasian hospitality lie in the menu's heart. The best kebabs, khachapuri, megruli and magnificent cheeses seasoned with Georgian sauces are served here.

    Kyiv Cuisine: Caucasian
  • Le cosmopolite

    Located in Kyiv's downtown, within a few steps from the subway station Zoloti Vorota, the beer cafe Le Cosmopolite is one of the most authentic samples of the Belgian brasserie, whose motto is: French quality, German quantity.

    Facility's menu is based on the traditional Belgian cuisine set off with European gastronomic hits. Special attention is paid to the dishes that match with beer, for Le Cosmopolite has the best samples of this drink.

    Kyiv Cuisine: European

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