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All Tours Available

  • Jewish Ukraine

    We offer you a tour of the most important Jewish places of Ukraine - Kiev, Uman, Odessa , Vinnitsa, Berdichev.

    Jews appeared on the territory of Ukraine from the times of Kievan Rus and even one of the most distinctive Jewish religious movements - Hasidism originated in Ukraine.

    • Duration: 7 days 6 nights
    Price From:300 euro 
  • Magic New Year 2017 in Kyiv

    We invite you to the Ukrainian capital, the ancient and very beautiful city of Kyiv! The program provides a great opportunity to learn the history of the city. A meeting of the New 2017 Year at the Independence Square will give you unforgettable experience. New Year's Concert, fun festivities, fireworks and champagne! Happy New Year!!!

    • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
    Price From:from 120 Euro 
  • Romantic New Year 2017 in Lviv

    Meeting of the New 2017 Year in Lviv, the most romantic city in Ukraine!

    • Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
    Price From:from 278 euro 
  • Funny New Year 2017 in Odessa

    Odessa is the third largest city and the biggest seaport in Ukraine; it is also the country’s most picturesque and multicultural city. Due to its unique charm, sunny climate, miles-long beaches, and azure sea, Odesa is often called a city straight out of fairytales. The rich greenery of endless parks hugs snow-white buildings in art nouveau and neoclassicism styles.

    • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
    Price From:from 104 Euro 
  • Great New Year offer! Romantic New Year 2017 in the hotel complex "Odessa"

    Winter Odessa seascapes, picturesque courtyards and markets fun and unique local humor are waiting for you!New Year celebration takes place in the restaurant OK "Odessa"

    • Duration: from 3 nights
    Price From:from 102 euro 
  • SPA & Recreation in Truskavets

    Truskavets is recognized as one of the best balneological resorts in Europe.

    • Duration: 7 nights 8 days
    Price From:from 107 euro 
  • SPA & Recreation in Skhidnytsia

    If you are very tired and want to rest and recuperate, our tour is just for you!

    • Duration: 7 nights 8 days
    Price From:from 223 euro 
  • Ski tour to Slavske

    This resort is most popular with students, youth and anyone who lives in or around Lviv. It’s located merely 120 km from Lviv, and is easily accessible by public transportation.  Four mountains – Trostian, Pohar, Menchur and Politechnik – give plenty of options for skiers.  Pohar and Politechnik are favorites of beginners. Mountain Zvynets hosts ‘Zahar Berkut’ ski resort and is great for more advanced skiers. Trostian is the highest, and most of the time has good snow.

    • Duration: 6 days 5 nights
    Price From:from 142 euro 
  • Ski tour to Bukovel

    For our guests, we offer Bukovel Ski resort. It is a new large ski resort in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, 30 km southwest of Yaremche. It is Ukraine’s first European-class resort, with high-speed chair lifts, meticulously groomed slopes and snow-making machines, turnstiles for letting skiers through lines, and ubiquitous security personnel.

    • Duration: 6 days 5 nights
    Price From:183 euro 
  • Ski Tour in the 3-main resort of Carpathian Mountains

    With gorgeous Carpathian Mountains piled up in the western corner of the country, Ukraine has got itself into a great deal with the ski lovers. Famous with local tourists, Ukraine skiing spots are slowly getting onto the radars of more distant travelers. It’s not just the thrill of ski jumps that attracts visitors: cozy tucked away traditional villages, delicious home-made food and plenty of ancient holiday traditions add up to the charm!

    • Duration: 7 nights 8 days
    Price From:from 380 euro 

Ukraine - a country with picturesque corners and unique natural beauty, anciently known for their warmth and hospitality. Ukrainian life opens its doors to all guests, gives warmth and truly home comfort in the winter and pleasant coolness in sultry summer. Travel to Ukraine for foreigners from "Travel Club" will acquaint visitors with many interesting and unusual faces of colorful culture, will provide an opportunity to visit the most fertile lands and participate in the most important events of our country. This trip will certainly be bright and memorable event, color rainbow palette of gray bustle of everyday life.

The unique advantages of traveling to Ukraine with "Tourist Club"

• Due to our long and successful experience, we really can guarantee you the most comfortable and interesting tours to Ukraine from Kyiv;

• Tours to Ukraine from Kyiv to conquer the absolute diversity of the options: from a romantic weekend to an extended family vacation with recreational and active excursion program, from the sea to the mountain beauty - for every taste;

• Guided tours around Ukraine from Kyiv are always accompanied by highly qualified, responsible and knowledgeable guide who will not only interesting and breathtaking journey on a certain route, but will also provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the group, allowing to trip without undue fatigue and fatigue;

• For those customers who want to pay special attention to their rest company "Tourist Club" provides private tours to Ukraine, VIP services and many useful additional services.

Tours to Ukraine on weekend offer you a short and memorable vacation in the most diverse directions. Business tourism, sightseeing and visiting places of worship and ancient capital cities, weekends for couples and leisure with children. Offers enchanting corners of Odesa, Lviv and exquisite castles of Galicia, invigorating beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians and more. Guests visiting our country have the opportunity to order a comfortable weekend tours to Ukraine in foreign languages and dive into the warm embrace of Ukrainian flavor.

"Tourist Club" - a broad range of ideas for an unforgettable journey, impeccable service for a democratic value!

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