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Golden Horseshoe

Olesko Castle. For five hundred years (14th - 18th c.) Ukraine had been subjected to the continuous savage raids of the mounted Tatars. Now You have a good chance to go on a tour to the land of mysterious old castle and secluded abbeys (70 km to the East from Lviv). You will be able to appraise masterpieces of the “Olesky Castle” Museum-Preserve (14th – 18th c.c.), to learn a lot of interesting about the other strongholds of the Lviv Region. (The castle was founded as a fortress in the 14th century by one of Yuriy Levovych’s sons, the Duke of Galych and Volyn.  In the 15th century, it served as a residence for local nobility and was reconstructed into a splendid palace complex in the Italian renaissance style. The Polish King Yan Sobieski III and Mykhaylo Korybut Vyshnevetsky were born in that castle, and the Ukrainian Hetman, Bohdan Khmelnytsky grew up here. The Olesky Castle is now a museum, which houses valuable collections of 16th century icons, paintings, sculptures and furniture).

Pidhirtsi Castle was constructed in 1635-1640 by order of Polish Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski, on the site of an older fortress. The castle was then part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and is now considered one of the most valuable palace-garden complexes in the eastern borderlands of the former Commonwealth.

Zolochiv Castle (66 km from Lviv) was built as a citadel with bastions in the 1630s by Jakub Sobieski. Inside Zolochiv Castle you can see Chinese palace, a diminutive mauve-colored rotunda flanked by one-storey wings. It was built in late 17th century as Jan III's gift to his French-born wife Marysenka. After Jakub Ludwik Sobieski's death in 1737, the castle passed to the Radziwill princely family and then (in 1801) to Count Lukash Komarnitski whose heirs sold it to the Austrian crown in 1834. From this date the castle was adapted for use as a hospital and barracks. In the days of Austro-Hungarian Empire it was turned into a prison and later became a grim prison under Stalin. A memorial and an exhibition to commemorate those who perished here can now be seen in the castle as well as a chapel outside the castle walls.

Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe

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