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Jewish Odesa

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Odesa is a amazing and beautiful city. Her appearance, a special «language» spoken by its inhabitants, their peculiar mentality and characteristic humor - the result of interweaving of diverse cultures, traditions and lifestyles. And this is a colorful kaleidoscope of constituting «Odesa ethnicity», plays an important role the Jewish people. What was decisive here is hard to say. Whether the city is already at birth become attractive for its atmosphere for thousands of Jews and formed a special type of Odesa Jewry, or Jews themselves - the inhabitants of the city has left an indelible mark on the image of the one who is called «indigenous from Odesa».

You have a unique opportunity to walk through the streets that hold the secrets and history of the brightest pages of the Jewish people, whose life is inextricably linked with the history of Odesa.

Jewish Odesa Jewish Odesa Jewish Odesa Jewish Odesa Jewish Odesa

Excursion duration: 3 hours

The price is given per excursion in Euro

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The price includes

-          Transport services;

-          Guide services. By request available other languages.

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