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Mystical Kyiv

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Kyiv is the mystical city, wrote about this Gogol, Pushkin, Bulgakov. There are a lot of places in Kyiv that indicate the presence of evil spirits in the city. Among them is Kyiv Pompeii, Florovsky Monastery, Castle-bald mountain, the place where the flock modern witches, Chortova (devil) Street, Altar of Satan, Andrew's descent, Bulgakov House, Haunted House, pagan burial, the transition between parallel worlds, Volodymyr Hill - Ferris Beremische, Green Theatre - dwelling place of evil spirits. Numerous stories and mystical legends you can find out in the course of the tour.

Mystical Kyiv Mystical Kyiv Mystical Kyiv Mystical Kyiv

Excursion duration: 3 hours

The price is given per excursion in Euro

For request

The price includes

-          Transport services;

-          English, German speaking guide services. By request available other language.

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