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Odesa yards

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During the tour you will see the most unusual Odesa neighborhood: this is the famous Odesa Moldavanka yards, with numerous wooden galleries (remember the movie «Liquidation»); it courtyards where Odessa criminals evaded detectives; it courtyards marked elements of Odesa «yard sculpture» in which people from Odesa put monuments to famous personalities - where else do you meet a monument to the inventor of Esperanto? You will visit elegant Odesa courtyards: Palais-Royal (Odesa - a small Paris), Italian courtyard of the Odesa Philharmonic, yard art and, of course, patio Literary Museum - Sculpture Garden, which houses monuments are presents to us from the famous Odesa sculptors.

Odesa yards Odesa yards Odesa yards Odesa yards Odesa yards

Excursion duration: 3 hours

The price is given per excursion in Euro

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The price includes


-          Transport services;

-          Guide services. By request available other languages.

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