Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Uzhgorod

Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy”
Ethno-wellness hotel “Ungvarskiy” Uzhgorod


Guests and citizens of Uzhhorod may receive additional services of the gym, baths complex, unique Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath, resort center of our complex. There is also the possibility to hold the degustation of the best Transcarpathian wines in traditional wine tasting cellar, enjoy national dishes in the restaurant and have tasteful leisure at the Vatra (bonfire) terrace. In addition, the stuff of the hotel “Ungvarskiy” will provide conference-services at the highest level and fulfil any wishes of our guests.

The hotel “Ungvarskiy” (3 *) offers 44 guest rooms, including 2 Standard rooms, 36 Standard+ rooms, 2 Junior Suites, 3 Suites and 1 Apartment. We propose travellers to choose the most comfortable options for their stay, depending at their capabilities, wishes and expectations. One can stay in hotel room with the price from 300 UAH up to 1300 UAH, and such prices are considerably more advantageous than proposals of other Uzhhorod hotels. The price policy of the hotel is friendly and flexible for our guests and thus there is a possibility to discuss with us the customized options of price formation depending at the number of persons and duration of stay.


Baths of ethno-wellness hotel "Ungvarskiy" (Carpathian and Russian baths) are traditional Slavic steam-rooms (banyas), made by experienced Transcarpathian masters. Applying the unique “laying on the clay” technology, two heating stoves from stones were produced for baths complex "Ungvarskiy", and such stoves are the main difference of our steam-rooms from “lodges” with Finnish metal stoves, that some people mistakenly call banya. The basin and pump-room with mineral water in Carpathian bath, salt-room in Russian bath will impress every connoisseur of bath treatments.

Russian bath

Our ancestors, Slavs, paid much attention to hygiene of the body. It's not surprising that banya firstly was introduced by Russians. It also became very popular in Transcarpathia along with other types of baths, and some of them are unique (Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath). In addition, there is a salt-room in Russian bath, and there is a possibility to unite bath procedures into integrated renovation and rehabilitation programs of health center "Ungvarskiy”.
Russian bath includes steam-zone, salt-room, and recreation zone, barrels with cold water, change-room and shower-room. The steam-zone is for the company up to 15 people. Our Russian bath is an ideal place for celebration of birthdays, corporate and other holidays for up to 30 persons.


Carpathian bath 

Traditions of Hutsuls and Rusyns, alongside with plenty of forests and rivers, healing herbs and mineral water made it possible to create the original and inimitable Carpathian bath at the basis of all these resources. The optimum ration of temperature and moisture levels in the bath, Carpathian herbal teas and honey, oak switches and sweets ensure pleasant and rewarding leisure for our guests. Carpathian bath includes recreation zone, steam-zone, and basin with mineral water, change-room and shower-room. The bath is for the company up to 5 guests (6 persons at maximum).



Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath

Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath is the exclusive service of ethno-wellness hotel "Ungvarskiy", and it touches each our guest who had the possibility to test himself this Transcarpathian ancient treatment tool. Taking the bath in the bath tube (kupil) is the regional variant of bath culture that helps our people to gain strength, maintain health and just have rest.
Ungvarskiy Kupil Bath is allocated at the area of the complex, and it is 6 meters under the ground. This creates the unique atmosphere and charms you. Due to the mass and especially calculated form of the bath tube, the heat is accumulated during water warming and evenly delivered inside of the body, and this enhances the total positive effect of taking the bath in the mineral water.

There is a vat with cold mineral water just near the bath tube; it is used for contrast procedures and to receive unbelievable sensations. The aromatherapy takes place during the bath, and after the end of balneology procedure you will be served with Transcarpathian herbal tea, honey, and our original walnut liquor. The unique procedure - Ungvarskiy Kupil - will significantly improve your health, and what is the most important – give you the possibility to have real rest from daily tasks, create wonderful mood and unforgettable memories about hotel "Ungvarskiy" for a long time.

When Ferents Egri, the owner of the casting plant in Mali Heievtsy village, was proposed to produce a special bath tube for hotel "Ungvarskiy”, he was sincerely surprised, as his main customers were ecclesial communities - they ordered church bells usually. In 1876 the bath tube was installed in the premises, which were built for this aim. The bath tube, as well as the hotel, came during its historical age through the times of Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Hungarian bourgeois republic (the headquarter of Hussar regiment was allocated in the hotel that time), Czech-Slovakian republic, Hungarian monarchy, Soviet Union, and nowadays you can feel the treatment facilities of Ungvarskiy Kupil exactly in this bath tube.

Conference Services

We offer a complete range of services for seminars, business meetings, conferences etc.
- Board room: accommodating up to 15 persons
- Large meeting room, set up ”boardroom style” will accommodate 46, set-up “theatre- style” will hold 120 persons
We provide technical assistance and the rooms are fully equipped with the technology required to hold a successful meeting: audio system, wireless access to internet (wi fi), speakers, microphones, projector or screen. Our’ Banquet team will take care of coffee breaks, luncheons and dinners in a time and professional manner.


Ethno-wellness hotel "Ungvarskiy" invites you to the best sport-club in Uzhhorod city, which form the part of treatment-rehabilitation center. Here everyone can achieve excellent physical form, emotional comfort and practical sport skills!
There are two halls (they are 400 sq.m):
- the gym, with professional exercise equipment where you can develop and train all your muscles and their groups.
- the fitness room - a spacious place for martial arts, CrossFit, exercise therapy. 

Based at the comprehensive analysis of behavioral stereotypes and the guest wishes we develop an individual program of exercises, which includes also recommendations for diet and rest.
During the whole training period monitoring of all indicators and the adjustment of loads is carried out. We ensure better health, greater stamina, stronger muscles, more beautiful body shapes and great spirits! Under the guidance of our instructors you will quickly feel the results of trainings. 
*Our rooms are equipped with the latest exercise equipment, tatami, ventilation and air conditioning systems, sound and visual media. There are changing rooms and showers besides. 

Health and Rehabilitation Center of resort complex “Ungvarskiy”

Health and Rehabilitation Center of resort complex “Ungvarskiy”, first applied "ethno – wellness” system in Ukraine

What is that “ethno-wellness”?
It is a traditional, folk healing system, which enables people to emotional and physical balance. The nations of Transcarpathia, living in their ethnic territory, using local natural resources and traditions of ancestors, not only cared about their culture, but also took care of their health. Every ethnic group has created a unique type of healing, which is based on right nutrition, hardening, physical activity and emotional comfort, the relevant traditions of our region.

What makes ethnic and wellness spa complex “Ungvarskiy” in Transcarpathia different from other resorts? 
Ideological approach to the concept of quality of life, health, disease prevention and treatment. 
Spa complex "УнгварЪскій" is not a sanatorium, but a kind of " Health School ". We draw our guests to our roots, to a deeper understanding of human physiology, the study of fundamental processes of the body that will allow EACH of treat our lives with more responsibility.

When these words are said  by one of the greatest physicians, who left a remarkable trace in modern medicine, it is worth asking the question, what should we do? 
We shouldn’t pay attention to these problem, you might tell, driving a prestigious foreign car... Maybe you are right, but ask another question, why buying a car, you strictly follow the rules of operation? You change oil, filters, fill the required fuel grade, regularly do a full cleaning, but about their own health, most of us think having got sick. Maybe the big house, a prestigious job, your car is more expensive than your own health? What does all this cost if you are seriously ill? Nothing, because the sick person can not fully enjoy all the benefits, his thoughts are filled with his own recovery. 
Quality of life - this is the harmony of all components: physical condition, emotional balance, physical security. Try to throw out one of the items, what will remain?

What the health and rehabilitation center of resort complex "УнгварЪскій” applies in the work? 
1. Knowledge of Human Physiology. 
2. Balneotherapy (shower chair, whirlpool and carbonic baths, hydrotherapy, inhalatorium). 
3. Kinesitherapy (athletic, static and dynamic load). 
4. Diet (no restrictions, only the balance). 
5. Ethno-bath complex (ethno-healing methods: immune stimulation, loads of cardio, tempering). 
6. Psychotherapy (trigger consciousness mechanism and inner activity). 
7. Phytocosmetology (natural complexes). 
8. Speleotherapy. 
9. Phytotherapy. 
10. ART - therapy. 
11. Honey therapy 
12. CO2 - therapy. 
13. Aromatherapy. 
14. Winetherapy.

What do we treat? 
We do not treat, we help the human body revive. Our bodies are so perfectly designed that there is little or almost no disease which would treat by itself (any illness is the result of improper life). Putting people in certain conditions, using simple and accessible ways (in the form of recreation and entertainment), we demonstrate in practice that in short time, not wasting superhuman efforts and astronomical sums, not poisoning your body with medications, everyone will be able to remove almost all illnesses and problems with his health:

General weakness (chronic fatigue syndrome) 
Problems of the gastrointestinal tract 
Problems of the genitourinary system 
Gynecologic diseases 
Weal immune system
Back pain 

These are little  troubles directly related to the inappropriate lifestyle. 
If a person firmly decided to be healthy – we’ll learn how to do it. 

Why are we the best? 
1. Non-standard (CORRECT) approach to the concept of quality of life - the main focus of our health center. 
2. The ratio of the best level of service to their number, all of the normal price + exclusive services. 
3. Focus on the guest, on his wishes. 
4. Ability to develop individual recovery programs. 
5. Extremely non-treatment approach . 
6. Unlike the other: the lack of "super-popular, ultra-fashionable" methods of treatment - everything is simple, understandable and the most importantly, affordable. 
7. Top professionals, modern equipment, balneological center, sports club, ethno-bath complex: these are the elements we focus on. 

However, program, we have developed, taking into account modern technology of domestic balneology and physiotherapy, as well as the best achievements of the world medicine. With the help of this, we create a harmony of body and soul to tired, exhausted by stresses people; and add to healthy ones even more strength and energy.

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