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Hotel Uzhgorod Uzhgorod

  • Uzhgorod
  • Location: 2, B.Khmelnitcskogo square, Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia, Ukraine, 88018
  • Wi-Fi zone: Free zone
Hotel Uzhgorod Hotel Uzhgorod Hotel Uzhgorod Hotel Uzhgorod Hotel Uzhgorod
Hotel Uzhgorod Uzhgorod


Transcarpathia… Picturesque views… Uzhgorod… Here in 1966 opened its door the Hotel Uzhgorod. Beautiful fac?de, granite stairs, the glitter of magnificent chandelier - all these will arouse unsurpassed splash of emotions and impressions.

The Hotel Uzhgorod - it's a modern, elegant hotel, the harmonic mixture of majestic interiors and comfort. Only from the windows of the Hotel you can appreciate the whole beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians, picturesque Uzhgorod and the only one longest lime-tree path in Europe.

The Hotel Uzhgorod is situated in the centre of business, cultural and historical part of the town, on the left bank of the river Uzh. The good position of the hotel gives our guests the possibility to get to the airport, railway station and business centers in a very short way.

Get the pleasure from the comfort you were dreaming, enjoy the refined interior and feel the endless satisfaction and ease. 128 comfortable rooms with all modern conveniences: bathroom, hair dryer, air conditioner, cable TV, telephone, mini-bar and Internet. 

Continental breakfast, which is included in the price, with coffee and fresh croissants will add strength to the whole day.

Exquisite and efficient consolidation of classics and modern technologies, the availability of services will satisfy the most fastidious customers.

Make your stay at the Hotel Uzhgorod really unforgettable and pleasant. Feel the atmosphere of magnificence and comfort! 

Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, the classic interior - it is that place, where you can get away from everyday life. And the soothing babbling of the waterfall will add a good humour for the whole day. Here you can spend a good time with the aromatic coffee and tea, enjoy the fresh baking and delicious pastry waiting for business partners and friends. And the fresh press will always keep you informed. Also we offer a great variety of beverages, wines, cigars and snacks. In any way, we guarantee a good time and maximum attention.

Free Wi-Fi zone is working at the lobby-bar. We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCardMaestro, Amex.

The working hours at the lobby bar: 8:00 - 22:00

Remember, how often you wanted to get away from everyday life and appear in another world - the world of beauty and comfort.

You can make your dream come true at the restaurant Uzhgorod. By visiting us, you get into the world of English classics. Dark wood, cold granite, the glitter of crystal chandelier, elegant curtains, "live" pictures and white piano allow you to enjoy every minute at the restaurant.

Restaurant Uzhgorod - it's the ideal place for the business lunch and for the romantic dinner. The talented and gifted chef will satisfy your taste with the delicious national and European cuisine. Careful staff will help you to choose the bottle of wine from the best wineries of the world. Tasty dessert that is cooked in your presence will leave the best memories about the restaurant. We can also offer a great variety of original cigars.

Nothing is so pleasing as live music. The best musicians in town will play your favorite songs and the beautiful sound of violin and accordion will touch the secrets of your soul. 

It is believed that all roads lead to Rome but the roads of real gourmets lead to the restaurant Uzhgorod where in the twilights the candles glimmer, where you can hear the sound of violin and the clink of glasses. 

Free Wi-Fi zone is working at the restaurant. We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCardMaestro, Amex.

Room service:

  mini bars
  the awakening of the guests
Business centre:

  getting and receiving correspondence
  getting and receiving fax

Living conditions:


  24h security car parking with 
     Surveillance cameras
  personal security system

  lobby bar
Transport services:

  calling a taxi
  transfer (advance booking)
Money services:

  currency exchange office
  cash machine (ATM)
  payments with the credit cards Visa,     MasterCard / Eurocard, Amex
Medical service:

  first-aid kit
  ambulance service
Tourism services:

  booking plane and train tickets

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