New hallmark of Kyiv


Unique mural located at the following addresses:

Prospekt Peremohy 114/2

Author: Kenora Vanbergen Martinez (Barcelona)

Spanish artist paints in the style of geometric abstract art. His work can be seen in Dresden, Paris, Lodz and other cities in Europe. Now the "geometric painting" hands Kenora appeared in Kiev, on the wall of high-rise buildings on Prospectus Pobedy. During operation in Kiev, Spaniard was unlucky - probably someone from locals stole construction cradle and paint. But despite incident, the drawing was completed successfully.

Prospekt Peremohy, 95

Author: Pantonio (Portugal)

One more 16-storey on Prospect Peremohy painted Portuguese artist Pantonio, famous for his large-scale murals with images of fantastic creatures. On the building in Kiev appeared bizarre lastochki.V Pantonio last year set a record, established in Paris, the biggest in Europe Mural. The artist depicted a tornado of fish on the wall height of 66 meters and a width of 15 meters.

Prospekt Peremohy 73/1

Author: UpTown (Ukraine)

One of the most contradictory works that appeared in Kiev in the summer. High-rise building on Prospect Peremohy across from the Church of St. Panteleimon was decorated with the image of the Virgin Mary. That immediately caused a debate in the social networks of the appropriateness of religious subjects in the street arte. Author ideas - previously unknown to the general public team of Ukrainian artists UpTown. As stated on the website team, guys - a native town is Vyshgorod, and that is where is concentrated most of their work. Artists also receive orders for the decoration of the walls of houses with their creativity, prices depend on the level of complexity and spent materials.

Tupolev Street , 7b

Author: Zosen (Spain)

A good example of modernizing national traditions. Spanish master Zosen inspired works of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko and created mural with fabulous animals and mythical creatures. In his work Zosen often uses neon colors and geometric shapes, creating fantastic characters. Mural artist is in Wroclaw, Barcelona, Tokyo, cities of Italy and the United States.

Gorkogo Street (Antonovich), 48A

Author: Alexander Corban (Ukraine)

On the building shows a boy playing with paper airplanes. The author and performer - young artist Alexander Korban, forced to move to Kiev from the Kirov region of Donetsk in connection with shelling. Author explained his idea of his own childhood nostalgia, in which instead of expensive gadgets, which play today's children were playing in the "classics" , hide and seek and good books.

Artema Street, 1-5

Author: Alexander Corban (Ukraine)

Another Murali Sasha Korban. He appeared on the roof of a private Ubik Litvin Studio. It is best to consider the image of a guy in wearing a cap can be from the terrace Studio, but  there let not all. But Mural is clearly visible from the Big Zhitomirska, 40.

Mikhailovskaya Street 22B

Author: Alexandre Faro (Portugal)

Portrait of Serhiy Nigoyan, who died on the Maidan, was created in a symbolic place - in the park hundreds of Heaven in Mikhailovskaya Street 24-26. A small yard immediately after the revolution began to equip the residents of nearby houses. So in a vacant lot and dump appeared City garden. This summer at the invitation of activists visited the Square Portuguese artist Alexandre Faro. He agreed with the image of Mural create Serhiy Nigoyan free. The money for the flight and for the materials he gathered caring citizens.

Striletska Street, 28

Author: Guido van Helten (Australia)

One of the most striking works created in Kiev recently. Lesia Ukrainka portrait painted by Australian artist Guido van Helton, inspired by her poem "Konvalіya."

Voloshska Street, 19/22

Author: Fintan Magee (Great Britain)

One of the first Mural created this summer in Kiev. One could say it with a boom of street art in the capital. Picture created by British artist Fintan Magee, decorated facade of Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. Image of a man and a deer devoted to the theme of environmental conservation.

Street artist came to Ukraine at the invitation of the activists of "Samosud" at Podol and his art to support Ukrainians.

Striletska Street, 12

Author: Fintan Magee (Great Britain)

Another work Fintan Magee - Preview Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova at a time when she was doing flips. Picture appeared on the facade of a residential building in the center, on the Striletska street.

Blvd. Vernadsky, 87

Author: Okuda (Spain)

One of the most unusual Muralov Kiev. It - birds bright hand Spanish artist Okuda. One of the favorite themes of the author's creative work - the relation of man to nature. His style is called pop surrealism with elements of street art. Okuda is also famous for participation in the project of Streets of Colour, in which, together with another artist painted the streets of London, Madrid, Brussels, Oslo and other cities.


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