1st day

Meeting at the Railway station.

Breakfast at the restaurant in the city.

City tour of Kiev, including visit to the St. Sophiya Cathedral - a unique landmark of ancient Rus architecture of 11 century, masterpiece of world architecture and arts. You will see frescoes and mosaics of 11th century.
Visit to Michel’s Golden domed and Vladimir’s Cathedrals.

Hotel check-in.

Lunch at restaurant.

Walking tour of Podil. You will see: Kontraktova Square, fountain Samson, monuments to the commander Sagaidachny and to the prominent Ukrainian writer and philosopher Grygori Skovoroda, Frolovsky Monastery built in the 15th century, Kievo-Mohylanska Academy founded in 1632.

Dinner at restaurant in the city. Ukrainian cuisine and folk show.

You will taste local cuisine and drinks: cold appetizers, fresh fruits and vegetables, different pickles, hot appetizers, meat or fish with garnish, dumplings with cherry for a dessert, uzvar, water, vodka, wine.

2nd day

Breakfast at hotel. Check out.

Visit to the Cave Monastery Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra - a sacred place of the Orthodoxy, with architectural ensemble of 11-19 centuries. At present time Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is an active monastery and National Historical Architectural Preserve. Visit to its cathedrals, museums, exhibitions and caves with the saint relics.

Lunch at restaurant.

Visit to the Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Way of Life of Ukrainians. A national museum, which preserved the culture of Ukrainian people, is located in the suburbs of town Pirogivo. Three hundred ancient rural huts, collected from all over Ukraine can be seen in Pirogovo. The majority of them were moved to the museum and then reconstructed. Huts, wooden churches, water and wind mills, also clothes, kitchen utensils dating back to the period of 17th beginning of the 20th century give to every visitor a realistic impression of the travel in time.

Transfer to the Railway station.


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