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Ski tour to Bukovel : 8 days 7 nights

Bukovel Ski resort. It is a new large ski resort in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, 30 km southwest of Yaremche. It is Ukraine’s first European-class resort, with high-speed chair lifts, meticulously groomed slopes and snow-making machines, turnstiles for letting skiers through lines, and ubiquitous security personnel.

Ski tour to Bukovel Ski tour to Bukovel Ski tour to Bukovel Ski tour to Bukovel Ski tour to Bukovel
1st day.
  • Arrival to the Lviv. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. 

City-tour 3-hour duration. You will see Lviv from the height of the bird flight (from the survey ground of hill Vysokyy Zamok (High Castle Hill), ancient temples of Halychyna located on Pidzamche, St. George Cathedral -the metropolitan center of Halychyna, National University named after I. Franko, Lviv Politechnic University, Freedom Avenue (Opera theatre, National museum, Jesuit church of St. Paul and St. Peter, monuments to T. Shevchenko and A. Mitskevych, Kopernik Street (palace of Pototskyy, Art palace, National bank).

Duration: 3 hours 

  • Lunch.

Free time, or optional we propose a visit Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. (entry ticket from 15 euro per person)

For dinner, we recommend a visit to Lviv several cult restaurants such as “Gas Lamps”, “Restoratsiya Bachevsky”, “Restaurant Meat and Justice”. (Table reservation with booking tour, from 15 euro per person)

Overnight at the hotel.

2 – 7 days.
  • 5 days of skiing in Bukovel.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the Ski Resort Bukovel.

If we have to choose one place that offers excellent service, great slopes and plenty of snow, Bukovel would be it.  Easily accessible by regular bus shuttles from Ivano-Frankivsk, this famous ski resort is up and coming place for ski lovers. Keep in mind that Bukovel is the most expensive of all Ukrainian ski resorts, and has been built on bare land: it’s in a way its own compound, with skiing, entertainment and accommodation located in one place. While it might be convenient for many, it is rather commercialized vacation spot and does not have the feeling of authenticity, that many smaller places have.

  • Arrival to Bukovel. Check-in.Time for skiing. 

Slopes: averaging 900 m to 1370 m height
Number of lifts: 16, almost all are chair lifts
Total length: 50 km
Service quality: high
Accessibility: high
Snow: available November to April, slopes are usually groomed and there are snow-making machines
All categories of difficulty are available for great snowskiing and snowboarding.Beginners can try themselves out on a gradual slope, and kids will love short tows. For more experienced skiers there are several black diamonds. Night skiing is available from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m, on two slopes that are upper intermediate.

  • Free time, or optional we recommended visit “VODA Day & Night Club”

VODA day&night club is a unique recreational environment, featuring entertainment and services that have been exclusive to the seaside resorts so far: waterpark and all-season pool with heating. Every day our complex is capable of hosting about 1500 visitors on its deck chairs near the lake and the large pool. Moreover, guests may enjoy night shows and live performances on the unique sunken stage. Each summer weekend, visit our hot dance events and appearances by specially invited celebs from Ukrainian show biz.
When winter season is about to kick in, our guests may rest indoors, enjoing a comfortable 200 seat lounge. More amenities are available: SPA complex, classic Roman-ish bathhouse, Mediterranean sauna and Finnish sauna with a humidity control system, built completely of Canadian cedar. Salt cavern and a snowroom are great to improve your immunity against all diseases.
Try our all season 300-square-meter outdoor pool, with average water condition of plus 32-34 Celsius, hydro massage and underwater geysers. For those loving hydro massage we got four 6-person Jacuzzis with a plus 38-Celsius water temperature. New high capacity labyrinth-shaped waterpark provides 35x50 meters of environment for you and your kids to have a safe and exciting recreation.
Sporting facility, featuring gyms, boxing, yoga sections with large panoramic windows.
Roman bathhouse is a cabin, filled with warm, gentle steam at a temperature of 35-40 Celsius. The steam is so thick that you sometimes can’t barely see other people inside the cabin. Temperature is comfortable, though high enough for plentiful sweating.
Mediterranean sauna is an environment of moderate humidity (around 55%) and mid-range temperature (55-60 Celsius). Special climate inside the cabin is created for maximum comfort and decent evaporation level for the essential oils.
Finnish sauna features high temperature level and low humidity, around 15%. Such a balance is created so you wouldn’t be exhausted during the long stay in the cabin.
In a salt cave, the air you breathe in is a blend of salt and aero-ions. It contains nearly no dust, bacteria and allergens.
In a children’s room, our youngest visitors enjoy their time with our caring animators. Moreover, 20-square-meter children’s pool is available.
Overnight at the hotel.

7th day.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.Check out. Day tours. 

Day tours:

Visiting popular tourist center Yaremche, located on the bank of Prut river in wooded Carpathians.

Traditional Carpathian town with picturesque architecture.

 All buildings have in their architecture Carpathian elements and perfectly fit into the unique mountain landscapes. Waterfall Huk and 20-meter high bridge above it are the attraction of the town.  

The famous souvenir market, where you can buy products of local craftsmen, is located nearby.   

Want to try local cuisine? For example, soup with mushrooms, trout in sour cream or banush with mushrooms? Then you should definitely visit local restaurants: Hutsulshchyna, Grazhda, Green Grove, Kolyba.  Tourist centers, sanatoriums, preventive clinics, rest homes, summer camps for children, motels, private boarding houses are located on the territory of the town and its suburbs. In winter you can choose the best place for skiing or sledding: both in the town on 200 m ski lift, and on the slopes of nearby resorts – Bukovel 32 km, Vorokhta 35 km, Yablunytsya 35 km, Drahobrat 50 km.

Main atractions of Yaremche:

-Waterfall Huk and 20-meter high bridge above,

-Monastery of St. Elijah Studite, founded in 1935;

-Dovbush Rocks named after legendary Ukrainian Robin Hood;

-souvenir market, where you can buy products of local craftsmen, is located nearby;

Arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk.

City-tour .

The first mention of the city named Stanyslaviv refers to 1662 when the city received a Magdeburg right. The city was founded as a fortress to protect people from Crimean Tatars’ raids and a stronghold of the Pototskyis √ Polish landlords on Halych lands. Many times the fortress was besieged by Turkish and Russian troops.

Stanyslaviv was originated from the Market square and City Hall, which can be seen today having been modified. The Reneissanse architectural ideas of "the ideal city" were reflected in the construction that followed. These ideas were used for planning a middle part of the city, its streets and churches. Because of the originality the of architecture sometimes our city is called "small Lviv".

Ivano-Frankivsk sights


Parish Church (the Art Museum). This former Catholic church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most valuable architectural monuments in the city. In Soviet times, the church was closed, and the building was used as an art museum. Today, the art museum can still be found there. Sheptytsky Square, 8. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00, day off - Monday.

The City Hall (Local History Museum). This constructivist building standing on the Rynok (Market) Square is the most recognizable symbol of Ivano-Frankivsk (the height is 49.5 meters). In its current form the building was constructed in the first half of the 20th century.

The building hosts several exhibitions of a local history museum: nature, history, folk art, and archaeology. Several collections of weapons and books, as well as antique furniture are also presented. The total number of exhibits is about 120 thousand items. Galitskaya Street, 4-a. Opening hours: 9:00-17:30, day off - Monday.


Resurrection Cathedral. The building of the Austrian-Bavarian architecture school with clear features of classicism. The tops of the towers are made in the style of Gutsulskaya wooden architecture. Sheptytsky Square, 22.

Armenian Church. This building with two towers in Baroque style located near the market square was built in the 18th century. Two restorations made in the 19th and the 20th centuries significantly changed the building.

The interiors are fully preserved because in Soviet times the building was a museum of religion and atheism. Armenian Street, 6.

Other places of interest

One Hundred Meters. “One hundred meters” or simply “hundred” (“sotka”) is the name of the pedestrian part of Nezavisimosty Street. Its real length is about half a kilometer. This is the most popular walking area in Ivano-Frankivsk.

There are many outdoor cafes and restaurants, bookstores and boutiques. Every year new forged sculptures are placed on this street and the streets located nearby.

Fortifications (Bastion). This fragment of a defensive wall with a bastion is all that remains of the old fortifications of Stanislav fortress. Currently, the renovated complex hosts “Bastion” gallery - a shopping and entertainment complex with a terrace for walks, souvenir shops and boutiques. Fortechny (Krepostnoy) Lane, 1.

The City Lake. The lake that appeared in 1955 was called “Stanislavsky Sea”. The lake is one of the main recreational areas of Ivano-Frankivsk. The most romantic place is a bridge to the “Island of Love”. There is also a boathouse. Mazepa Street.

  • Transfer to Lviv. Check-in. Overnight at the hotel.

Free time. We recommend to visit the legendary Lviv restaurants, such as: "Gas Lamp", "Restoration of Bachevsky", "Pid Pyanoyu Vishneyu" and so on.

8th day.
  • Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to Lviv railway station, or airport.

Tour price per 1 person in EURO

 Hotels Per 1 personin 2-person group  Per 1 personIn 6-person group  Per 1 personIn 10-person group  Per 1 personIn 12-person group 
George 3* (Lviv) + Patkovski 3*(Bukovel) 1099 euro 555 euro 449 euro 420 euro
Atlas Deluxe 4*(Lviv) + Bukovel 4*(Bukovel) 1225 euro 680 euro 575 euro 489 euro
Nobilis 5*(Lviv) + Radisson Blu 5*(Bukovel) 1397 euro 853 euro 747 euro 717 euro

The price includes

  • All transfer according to the tour program;
  • City-tour with English speaking guide;
  • Accommodation in Standard TWIN Room;
  • HB in hotels.

The price doesn’t include

  • Ski pass for skinning ;
  • Apres-ski activities;
  • Medical insurance.

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