Best unusual hotels in Ukraine …

1. Hotel “History”, Polanica

The idea of the hotel 4-storey design hotel is conceptual, as dedicated to the history of Ukraine at different stages. This dark gray building, which in the evening and at night illuminated lanterns and so it becomes like a fairy-tale house.
All rooms have a name of a particular period in the history of Ukrainian and decorated accordingly: Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kievan Rus, Serfdom, Princely, Cossacks, UPA and Classic. This is perhaps one of the most interesting hotels in Ukraine.

De znahoditsya i yak dіstatisya: & nbsp; Ivano-Frankіvska area with. Polyanicya, tract hearth.

2. Design Hotel 11 Mirrors, Kiev

The idea of the hotel: the Metropolitan Hotel is located in the center of Kiev, close to the Vladimirsky Cathedral and the National Opera. The idea of design hotel - balance of style and beauty, that is rigor and neutral tones, which, according to the creators, promotes well as the maintenance of the working mood, and relaxing. This concept is observed in the exterior and in the interior. All categories of rooms have Internet access, plasma televisions, safes and mini-bars.

De znahoditsya i yak dіstatisya: & nbsp; Kyiv, vul. Khmelnytskyi, 34.

3. Art Hotel & laquo; Baccarat & raquo ;, Kiev

The idea of the hotel: The hotel was the first experience in the hotel business chain restaurants & laquo; Trump Card & raquo ;. Its main difference from the others is that the hotel is located on the water. That is a floating barge converted into a hotel, whose windows you can admire the beautiful panorama of the coast of the Dnieper; the other side of the room overlooks the park. The exterior resembles an ocean liner with a blue roof, and the whole hotel from a distance looks like a multicolored stained glass. The interior is dominated by bright colors, comfortable furniture - vintage style. One can say that this art project is included in the list of the most interesting hotels in Ukraine.

De znahoditsya i yak dіstatisya: & nbsp; Kyiv, Venetsіansky ostrіv 1. Nayblizhcha stantsіya metro & ndash; & Laquo; Lіvoberezhna & raquo;

4. Castle & laquo; Radomisl & raquo ;, Radomyshl

The idea of the hotel: The hotel is an integral part of the museum complex & laquo; Radomysl & raquo ;. The rooms are austere style of early modern and a little reminiscent of monastic cells, but are decorated in warm, bright colors accentuated with brickwork elements. Furniture in the rooms - wooden and wicker, which allows you to fully enjoy themselves in the epoch of 17-18 centuries
Where is and how to get there: Zhitomirska, Radomyshl


5. Hotel & laquo; Far Far Away kingdom & raquo ;, Skala Podolskaya

The idea of the hotel: this hotel looks really reminiscent of a fairytale castle, it is also made of stone and wood. Similarity to the ancient home of the Knights and adds a special form of windows, and a small stone wall, which is an element of landscape design
Where is and how to get there:. Ternopil region, Barshcheuski district, town Skala Podolskaya


& nbsp; De znahoditsya i yak dіstatisya: & nbsp; Ternopіlska area Borschіvsky area, CMT Rock Podіlska

6. Eco Hotel & laquo; Friend House & raquo ;, Kirov

The idea of the hotel: the main highlight is that this eco-friendly hotel is built on a special project with biodegradable materials. Before the construction of a special analysis of information and energy fields was held. This hotel began to look as if it came by itself. The materials from which the building is constructed, extremely environmentally friendly: clay, wood, shell, cane. The width of the window is that allows you to maintain the level of light in the street. Interior rooms in places resembles a cave with numerous holes where sunlight penetrates, creates a special atmosphere in the room.

Where is the Dnipropetrovsk region, village Kirov

7. Recreation & laquo; Sweet & raquo ;, Lomachintsy

The idea of the hotel: this ethno complex, located on the picturesque bank of the Dniester. New unusual services that offer guests - accommodation in small houses on the water. The rooms are literally floating on the waves of the river. The comfortable two-storey houses (separate from each other) are equipped with all the necessary amenities. On the ground floor living area, on the second - a spacious seating area with deck chairs and a place for fishing or diving. At the house there is a possibility to moor your boat or scooter. Panoramic windows allow you to contemplate the scenery and the Dniester Canyon National Park & laquo; Podil’s’ki Tovtry & raquo ;, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine


Where is the Chernivtsi region, Sokyryany district, village Lomachintsy.

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