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Architectural Odesa

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Odesa is the open-air museum, which contains fine examples of classical architecture, baroque, eclectic, modern, constructivism. During the tour you will get acquainted with the history of the construction and architecture of Odesa, a city born from the sea, whose streets and alleys lead begins in the coastal slopes and beaches. Evaluate fragments of decoration of buildings, temples, streets, stucco and iron forged fences, transmitting the full flavor of the vast vineyards of the southern steppes and themselves citizens of Odesa. Learn when and who built the most beautiful and most famous architectural masterpieces and monuments of the city: the Odesa National Opera and Ballet Theatre Fellner and Helmer, the palace of Count Vorontsov, the estate of Count Tolstoy architect Boffo, Palais-Royal, Catherine's area, Laocoon, monuments to Pushkin, Duke de Richelieu, the Otto palace and many others.

Architectural Odesa Architectural Odesa Architectural Odesa Architectural Odesa Architectural Odesa

Excursion duration: 3 hours

The price is given per excursion in Euro

For request

The price includes

The price includes:

-          Transport services;

-          Guide services. By request available other languages.

The price doesn’t include


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