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One day tour to Sophia Park

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SOFIYIVKA - the National dendrological park of Ukraine, without exaggeration of one of most beautiful places, created by human hand.

You can find out about a history of the establishment, construction and development of park for more than 200-year's term, to pass the site on its alleys, to admire perfect landscape.

Behind a plan of its creators Sofiyivka is the embodied illustration of poems of Homer «Iliad» and «Odyssey», where each composition or small architectural form comprises the certain plan, expresses idea of a myth or certain event.


09:00 – Departure from Kyiv. Excursion will star from the way to Uman.  

11:00 – Arrival to Uman, Dendrological Park SOFIYIVKA. When you come to visit the museum of nature – «Sofiyivka» - you realize that everything here resembles a fairy tale. It is really so, as the central part of the park is built on the basis of Greek and Roman Mythology and some places look like the houses of Greek Gods, writers and philosophers.

14:00 – Lunch.

15:00 – Continuation of excursion around Sofiyivka. Buying the souvenirs. Free time.  

18:00 – Departure to Kyiv.

20:00 – Arrival to Kyiv. 

One day tour to Sophia Park One day tour to Sophia Park One day tour to Sophia Park One day tour to Sophia Park One day tour to Sophia Park

Excursion duration: 11 hours

The price is given per excursion in Euro

For request

The price includes

- Transport services according the program;
- Guide services with Ukrainian, Russian and English language. Other languages are available by request. 

The price doesn’t include

- Entrance tickets;

- Excursion in Dendrological Park: Russian and Ukrainian language for group till 12 persons - 13 Euro per group; for groups from 12 persons – 1 Euro per person; English – for group till 12 persons – 30 Euro per group; for groups from 12 persons – 2,5 Euro per person.

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