Ukraine Sanatoriums

  • Villa Kristina

    We sincerely appreciate Your choice of our hotel - the prime choice for comfortable and quality recreation and health improvement.

    Price From:from 28 euro  Truskavets

    Location: Bilasa str., 9 Truskavets, 82200 Lviv obl., Ukraine
  • "Kristall"

    Sanatorium "Kristall" resort facility is located in the mountainous part of Truskavets facing the magnificent Carpathian landscapes.


    Location: Address: Truskavets, vul. Sukhovolia, 60
  • Almaz

    "Almaz" resort facility keeps preserving longtime traditions of hospitality established in spa centres in Truskavets. Fresh air, beautiful view at Carpathian foothill and proximity to Old Park will contribute to your well-being and mood. Mineral water well is 100 meters away from the resort centre.


    Location: Truskavets, vul. Sukhovolia, 72
  • Mirotel Resort and SPA

    We invite you discover a new world from our perspective where time starts flowing slowly and you are the one who sets its pace... 
    We are pleased to welcome you to a luxurious hotel Mirotel Resort & Spa! 
    Mirotel Resort & Spa is located in the very heart of world known spa resort city of Truskavets in Western Ukraine near unique mineral water deposits. 


    Location: 1 Kobzar Sq, Truskavets, Lviv region, Ukraine, 82200
  • Health & SPA complex VICTOR 4*

    Sanatorium "Victor" is in the center of Truskavets, in the park, just a few steps from the following attractions and facilities: a central square, a Polish church, souvenir market. In addition, within walking distance, is the lower pump room. Hotel 4 * can accommodate 120 tourists. At your service: well-room mineral water from the source field Morshynska №6, medical base: with the new drugs for healing, swimming pool with sea salt, sauna, playground, gym, spa.

    Price From:from 20 Euro  Truskavets

    Location: 19, Suhovolia Str.

    Diagnostic medical treatment and rehabilitation resort complex «Rixos Prykarpattya» is located in the ecologically clean area of Pre-Carpathian region in Truskavets – world’s famous balneal resort, well-known for its sources of curative mineral waters, clean air of the Carpathians and picturesque surroundings. Beautiful landscapes, elegant architecture and magnificent internal decoration of the complex create an atmosphere of calm and wonderful rest.

    Price From:from 63 Euro  Truskavets

    Location: 8, Gorodyshche Str.

    The modern hotel of European-style "Mariot Medical Centre" is a resort complex that will meet the needs of the most fastidious guests.

    Price From:10 Euro  Truskavets

    Location: 6, Roksolany Str.
  • Resort Hotel LISOVA PISNIA

    “Lisova Pisnia” – a resort hotel which offers the room category “Apartment”, there are 2-3 rooms with a kitchen. Total area of the apartment is 40 to 60 sq.m. Resort hotel “Lisova Pisnia” is situated 500 meters from the city center and has its own large forest park area.

    Price From:26 Euro  Truskavets

    Location: 14a, Sahaidachnyi Str.
  • Hotel-Resort Complex KARPATY

    "Karpaty" is a hotel-museum, surrounded by a landscaped park "Foothills" with its own zoo, with attractive interiors buildings, comfortable hotel rooms, restaurants and bars with gourmet kitchen, concert and dance halls, sports complex, modern Medical and SPA Centres.

    Price From:27 Euro  Truskavets

    Location: 2, Karpatska Str.

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