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Berdyansk resort combines the charm of all the European resorts: Central Avenue and embankment its abundance of cozy cafes and restaurants, which will treat cuisine from sushi to ravioli, like Turkey and France.

Berdyansk - a tasty morsel for tourists. There remained Europe's largest natural sand beaches, which are called "golden Azov." Simply do not tender and warm sea than in Berdyansk.

In the city territory more than 100 recreational and hotel facilities, 16 children's health institutions, dozens of kilometers of sandy beaches. Hallmark of the city became a water park "Cape of Good Hope."

Every year, in holiday season Berdyansk visited more than 500-600 thousand tourists from Ukraine, CIS countries and from abroad.

Among the tourists visiting Berdyansk is not indifferent. Will forever remain in the memory of their great variety of original monuments have unusual creative ideas.Where, if not in Bryansk can be found the monument to the plumber Vasya, a monument to the human vices, flattery and greed in the form of "Toad", a monument to the broken crutch chair materialization and the fulfillment of dreams, a monument to a happy childhood in the form of a bicycle, a monument to gardeners and cottagers in the company of the colorado potato beetle, rake that can be stepped on, a monument to the boy - fisher, a monument to the bullhead breadwinner, and many others.

Rarely a city with 120 thousand population can boast of so many architectural compositions, monuments and fountains.

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