Borzhava Mukachevo

Borzhava Mukachevo


Relax in the "Borzhava" Transcarpathia in motels - this is your chance to carry out their vacation is not only exciting, but also with the invaluable health benefits. You can not only actively organize your leisure time, but also in general improve your body. Every year more than a thousand travelers are choosing resorts in the Carpathians in order to realize their dream of peace and comfort into reality. Paradise, which brings peace and joy to the soul, offers high-end vacation.

Sanatorium "Borzhava" is located in the center of the Transcarpathian region Irshava in a picturesque area. Here, nature shows its power in a riot of colors, the majesty of the hills and mountains will surprise a variety of flora and fauna. Here - Ukraine real, true, and so what we are accustomed to see her. The very nature would have it, that it is in this area has the best resorts in the Carpathians. Truly generous land gives the rest, making it a memorable one, and not the same as everywhere.
You will find that rest in Transcarpathia - a gentle murmur of the river, the birds singing every morning, the scent of flowers and meadow grasses, pure dew and calm in the evening. Breathing crystal-clear air, you are guaranteed to feel in a different way, because it is really a miracle. Words can not convey all the delights that are open to you in Ukraine, when you visit the Transcarpathia. Our resort, located between the low hills, beckons and attracts the greenery and clean water.
In 2010, the sanatorium "Borzhava" earned the title of the best spa and health-improving establishments of Ukraine

Comfort and pleasant holiday
Treatment and recreation in Transcarpathia - it's not only a great opportunity to relax and improve your health, but also a great chance to see all the local attractions that are worth visiting in the most diverse and interesting excursions. On the territory homely coziness, warmth and tranquility. In general, all are famous resorts of Transcarpathia responsiveness of staff, qualified doctors and individual approach to each client.

The original landscape design, walking trails, walking between the trees and the birds singing in the morning doing their job - you become part of this world, where only nature reigns.

Guests are given two-storey dormitories and Eurocottage with "Suite" rooms for a comfortable stay

Treatment and wellness treatments in a sanatorium
The main profile of the patients in the rehabilitation sanatorium "Borzhava" - a spa treatment. It uses 5 kinds of mineral waters that have different mineral and chemical composition, and, accordingly, therapeutic properties. That is what allows us to consider the sanatorium Transcarpathia among the best.

Treatment of the complex is not only because of the healing properties of water. Sanatorium "Borzhava" - is one of the few multi-resorts, which are used not only in the water drinking modes, but also use it for baths, showers, and many other water activities.

In addition, the whole range of treatments includes diagnosis, general and individual lessons in the pool (swimming, aqua-gymnastics), as well as special food, which also can vary based on the individual requirements of each patient.

Choosing a vacation in the Carpathians, you also get an excellent opportunity to improve the clean mountain air, which is saturated with volatile production of coniferous and deciduous forest, which has a positive effect even on chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and the body as a whole. It is also the latest methods of treatment used in the sanatorium "Borzhava", such as herbal medicine, aerosol therapy, hippotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, lymphatic drainage, and other myostimulation.

An unforgettable holiday in the Carpathians!

last True connoisseurs of healthy lifestyles, and guests will appreciate the holidays in Transcarpathia and always willing to go not only on the tour to see the local sights, but also to ski, and enjoy the magnificent scenery, clean rivers and lakes. Many campers say that only here a whole new way opens the soul of man, he becomes quiet, appreciate beauty and comfort. It really stops the time, giving everyone the opportunity to preserve the best moments of life as long as possible.
Special hiking trails, designed for travelers who will amaze you with a variety of local flora and fauna, as well as inspire and recharge your batteries in one working month.

Resting in "Borzhava" you make an invaluable contribution to their health, moving closer to the corners of pristine nature and get closer to them. It sings the heart and soul of rest, here you will become healthier. This is the true Transcarpathia.


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