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Morshyn - a small town in the Carpathian, which is among the thousands of square kilometers of ecologically clean forests. Today it is one of the most famous resorts of Ukraine.

Unique sources Morshyn thanks to a special composition, in particular the increased content of sulphate and magnesium salts, renew damaged liver cells, relieve inflammation of the bile ducts, improve hepatic circulation, normalize metabolic processes and are essential in the treatment of diseases of the liver, intestine, pancreas, stomach, and diabetes diabetes.

Thanks to the popularity of effective treatment spa treatment in Morshyn kept for over 100 years. During this time he was visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists to gain health and inspiration. During the summer, a small town is transformed into a kind of Mecca, to which every year come wishing to improve your health from different parts of our country and the countries of near abroad.

The city is beautiful and good for holiday at any time of the year.
The climate of Morshyn is temperate continental wet, soft. The weather in the summer is hot, humid, and autumn is long, dry and warm.The average annual temperature (16 C) such as the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Most precipitation in late spring and summer. Noticeably high humidity marked the morning and evening, a day closer to the optimum, because often, in spite of the heat, the air in the morning and in the evening shall cool. The hottest months - July and August (22 - 24 C), the spring months are relatively warm, not cold autumn.

Thus, the climatic conditions of the resort Morshyn allow for a year to use the natural factors that contribute to the overall medical complex.

The resort has a motor and railway stations, department of Ukrtelecom, which provided all services for communications department of banking institutions and ATMs, fire department, City Hospital, School, high school, kindergarten and the School of Art, the Palace of Culture (dance hall, library, conference room), internet cafe, parking lots, car, summer cafes, bars, Fair-Opening Day about mineral water pump room, tennis court, large and small stadiums, gym, salt cave, children's playground, sauna and mini swimming pool, billiards, two lakes open for swimming, beauty shops, and others.

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