House of the Weeping Widow Kyiv

  • Address: Kyiv 23, Liutyranska Str.
  •  The closest metro station: Khreshchatyk


This Art Modern-style mansion was built in 1907 by order of Poltava merchant 2nd guild Sergei Arshavsky. Originally this place was one-story wooden house, built at the expense of a collegiate adviser Andrei Gerbanevsky in 1882. Besides the house on the farm were ledovnya, cellar and four-wheel. Twenty years later, the owner of the house becomes lieutenant and landowner Leo Gerbanevsky who in 1905 sold the manor to his colleague, Sergei Arshavskij Poltava merchant. It was at his request and had begun construction of the mansion. After construction Arshavskij passed rent the entire second floor of the mansion to pay off debts. Arshavskij with his wife and four children lived in the house until 1913. In August 1913 he sold his famous Kyiv merchant of the first guild Apshteynu Tevye.

The main feature of this two-storey building - a sad female face fashioned on the facade. When the rain comes down the stone cheeks inconsolable beauties flow drops and it seems that she was crying. It is because of this bas-relief house got its name. However, who is depicted in bas-relief, and why «the widow» crying is still a mystery to historians of the city.

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