The Assumption Cathedral Poltava

The Assumption Cathedral The Assumption Cathedral The Assumption Cathedral The Assumption Cathedral The Assumption Cathedral

At Poltava's historical center - on the Ivanova Gora, where town's key historical and architectural sights are gathered - the magnificent building of the Holly Assumption Cathedral is particularly notable. Today it is one of the main Orthodox temples in the region.

In the late 18th century, the Cathedral was built on place of wooden church that stood on the territory of Poltava's fortress and became the first stone building in town. Striking with its beauty and splendor, it soon became Poltava's main spiritual center, where almost all residents gathered during holidays. The Holly Assumption Cathedral amazed with its unusual forms: baroque traits added fanciness and airiness to it, and classical architecture's elements made it look strict and even stern.

However, just ten years after its opening, the temple was rebuilt: it acquired two more domes and became five-domed; previously brick floor was replaced with cast-iron one; choir was moved to the second floor. And in this appearance the Assumption Cathedral met Russian Empress Catherine the Great in 1787.

In the early 19th century, a luxurious four-layer bell tower was raised near the temple. Now it is the architectural and historical monument of national importance. As the Assumption Cathedral itself, the bell tower peculiarly combined bright late baroque and classicism traits. The belfry is also notable for the fact that here used to hang the huge Kizi-Kermen Bell, casted from Turkish trophy cannons in the 18th century. It is currently kept in the Poltava's Museum of History.

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