Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv : 5 days / 4 nights

During the tour you will visit both the most beautiful cities of Ukraine – the capital – Kyiv – the city with more than 1500 history, and Lviv – the western capital of Ukraine and city with very strong and good energy. 

Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv Valentine's Day in 2 ancient and romantic cities of Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv
1st day, 13.02 KYIV
  • Arrival to Kyiv. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel “Rus”.

Check in (guaranteed after 14:00).


Evening Kyiv excursion is visiting the viewpoints of Kyiv, is the ability to see the mysterious and romantic city in the light of lanterns and neon lights, is an unforgettable experience of illumination and light projectors. During the tour you will discover a completely amazing and unusual Kyiv, see memorials Park of Glory, the Arch of Friendship with Russia, Volodymyr Hill, a monument to Prince Volodymyr with a luminous cross. You will discover the beautiful panorama of temples, bridges, areas of Kyiv - Podil and Left Bank of the Dnipro River.

  • Free time. Overnight at the hotel. 
2nd day, 14.02 KYIV
  • Breakfast at the hotel. Kyiv City tour.

During the city tour you will plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Kyiv and also feel the rhythm of modern city.

You can see Saint Volodymyr Cathedral, Saint Sophia Cathedral – the first monument in Ukraine listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built in XI century by the Order of Yaroslav Mudry; St. Michael’s Cathedral, which is unique by its architecture and painting, is the first cathedral with golden domes of Kyiv; The Golden Gate, one of four fortifications crossing the city of Kyiv;National University named by Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv Opera House, monument of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, monument of princess Olga, Saint Andrew’s Church, River Station, Funicular, Kontraktova Square, Kyiv Mohyla Academy, monument to founders of Kyiv «Ladiya», monument of Motherland, embankment of Dnieper River, Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

  • Lunch. Optional excursion in Mezhyhiria.

Landscaped Parks, decorative lakes with fountains, fresh air, delicate bridges. You will be inspired by the ostentatious luxury of the former residence of Yanukovich, you will see the famous Honka, spa center, golf course, a luxury ship Galleon. You will go through the 3 km promenade on the shore of the Kiev Sea. You will hear exciting stories about exiled monks Mezhigorskaya hills.

We offer you have a great weekend in nature, far away "stone jungle". Only here you will be able to feed the trout will see unique kinds of animals, decorative cascading waterfalls, exotic arboretum, walk along the waterfront. Excursion duration: 2 hours. The cost 20 euro per person.

  • Romantic dinner in a Kyiv restaurant. Free time. Overnight at the hotel. 
3rd day 15.02 KYIV - LVIV
  • Breakfast at the hotel. Check out of the hotel. 

Motherland and the Park of Glory. During the tour you will visit the Park of Glory – Memorial, located on the slopes of the Dnieper River with wonderful views of the left bank of Kyiv. The heart of the park is a 26 - meter high obelisk - monument of the Unknown Soldier, set in 1957. In 2008, the park opened another famous monument - Monument to victims of Holodomor of 1932-33. Then you will walk to the magnificent monument "Motherland", holding a sword and shield. This is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which is located on a high hill, clearly visible from almost all parts of the city. Front of the museum you will see exhibits of Soviet tanks, which were used during the Second World War and in the postwar years, as well as other vehicles, artillery.

  • Lunch. Transfer to the railway station for move to the Lviv. Train departure at 22:40.


4th day 15.02 LVIV
  • Arrival in Lviv, tentatively at 06:25. Transfer to the hotel “George”. Check in.  Breakfast at the hotel. City-tour

You will see Lviv from the height of the bird flight (from the survey ground of hill Vysokyy Zamok (High Castle Hill), ancient temples of Halychyna located on Pidzamche, St. George Cathedral -the metropolitan center of Halychyna, National University named after I. Franko, Lviv Politechnic University, Freedom Avenue (Opera theatre, National museum, Jesuit church of St. Paul and St. Peter, monuments to T. Shevchenko and A. Mitskevych, Kopernik Street (palace of Pototskyy, Art palace, National bank).  

  • Lunch. Free time. Overnight at the hotel. 
5th day 17.02 LVIV
  • Breakfast at the hotel. Check out from the hotel.  City-tour “Golden Horseshoe” Olesko Castle. 

For five hundred years (14th - 18th c.) Ukraine had been subjected to the continuous savage raids of the mounted Tatars. Now You have a good chance to go on a tour to the land of mysterious old castle and secluded abbeys (70 km to the East from Lviv). You will be able to appraise masterpieces of the “Olesky Castle” Museum-Preserve (14th – 18th c.c.), to learn a lot of interesting about the other strongholds of the Lviv Region. (The castle was founded as a fortress in the 14th century by one of Yuriy Levovych’s sons, the Duke of Galych and Volyn.  In the 15th century, it served as a residence for local nobility and was reconstructed into a splendid palace complex in the Italian renaissance style. The Polish King Yan Sobieski III and Mykhaylo Korybut Vyshnevetsky were born in that castle, and the Ukrainian Hetman, Bohdan Khmelnytsky grew up here. The Olesky Castle is now a museum, which houses valuable collections of 16th century icons, paintings, sculptures and furniture).

Pidhirtsi Castle was constructed in 1635-1640 by order of Polish Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski, on the site of an older fortress. The castle was then part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and is now considered one of the most valuable palace-garden complexes in the eastern borderlands of the former Commonwealth.

Zolochiv Castle (66 km from Lviv) was built as a citadel with bastions in the 1630s by Jakub Sobieski. Inside Zolochiv Castle you can see Chinese palace, a diminutive mauve-colored rotunda flanked by one-storey wings. It was built in late 17th century as Jan III's gift to his French-born wife Marysenka. After Jakub Ludwik Sobieski's death in 1737, the castle passed to the Radziwill princely family and then (in 1801) to Count Lukash Komarnitski whose heirs sold it to the Austrian crown in 1834. From this date the castle was adapted for use as a hospital and barracks. In the days of Austro-Hungarian Empire it was turned into a prison and later became a grim prison under Stalin. A memorial and an exhibition to commemorate those who perished here can now be seen in the castle as well as a chapel outside the castle walls. Tour duration 8 hours.

  • Transfer to the airport. Flight to home. 

Tour price per 1 person in EURO

Accommodation  For 2 persons  For 8 persons  For 12 persons  For 20 persons
 DBL Room  365 euro    200 euro 180 euro 167 euro

The price includes

-          Hotel accommodation at the DBL room with breakfasts according the program;

-          Excursions according to the program with English speaking guide;

-          Transport services according the program;

-          Meals according the program;

-          Railway tickets Kyiv-Lviv.

The price doesn’t include

-          Entrance tickets according the program;

-          Medical insurance;

-          Personal expenses. 

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