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Ukrainian resort town of Truskavets famous not only in the post-Soviet space, but also throughout the world. The first Europeans visited balneary at the beginning 18th century. Now the resort is not inferior to European authoritative health center.

Tourists come in Truskavets mainly to improve their health with the help of mineral waters and the rarest natural material - ozocerite. The most famous natural mineral springs Truskavets - "Naftusya. The properties of this water are unique for its curative qualities. It is not sold in stores, and takes directly from the pump rooms, so the quality is guaranteed by nature.

A treatment ozokerite appliques - "mountain wax" the richest of natural substances will improve your health. If your doctor doesn’t prescribe the necessary treatment for the procedure, local qualified staff will appoint their own.

Treatment of water is shown in almost any illness, especially:

  • At illnesses of stomach,
  • urogenital area,
  • Of cardio-vascular system,
  • The musculoskeletal system. 

The improvement will be so apparent that you will dream about the next vacation in Truskavets.

It is simply breathe the clean mountain air, take a walk on the legendary Central Park, climb the mountains, walk in the forest, swim in the searing cold mountain river - all this together improve the body until the next vacation.

Since 20 years ago Truskavets was known as old ladies city quietly sipping healing water, now - a full-fledged resort with a well developed infrastructure of entertainment. This balneological center will satisfy fans of absolutely variety kinds of treatment and rest. Many Hotels offer quiet rest, and active. There is also a cinema, a pizzeria, entertainment venues and nightclubs. Even the balloon flight will suit you!

Just a hundred kilometers, away from the resort, situate heart of western Ukraine - L'viv city. The unique architecture, color and Ukrainian modern European entertainment and well-known for its unique racy cafe, " coffee houses " and restaurants.

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