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  • Kryivka

    Located in Lviv’s historic heart on the Rynok Square, the restaurant Kryivka is probably one of the city’s most famous facilities. A soldier welcomes restaurant’s guests with the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” at the entrance.

    Lviv Cuisine: Ukrainian
  • Kupol

    Situated in Lviv’s downtown, the restaurant Kupol is famous for dainty cuisine, exquisite author’s interior and cozy atmosphere.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Panska Charka

    The restaurant Panska Charka is located in Lviv’s downtown and is notable for its exquisite interior, rich culinary offer and first-class service.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Vulyk

    Located in one of the Lviv busiest quarters, the authentic restaurant Vulyk is an elegant symbiosis of tasty cuisine, cozy home atmosphere and quality service.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian , Caucasian
  • Vysoky Zamok (High Castle)

    The restaurant Vysoky Zamok (High Castle) stands on the territory of the namesake park near Lviv’s historical center.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Sim Porosyat

    The restaurant Sim Porosyat is situated not far from Lviv’s downtown and is a true embodiment of Ukrainian hospitality.

    Lviv Cuisine: Ukrainian
  • Kerosinovaya Lampa

    The restaurant Kerosinovaya Lampa (Russian for oil lamp) is located on Armyanskaya Street in Lviv’s very heart. It is a part of the Lviv conceptual cafe and restaurant network ‘!Fest.’ Its creators devoted the facility to the history of an oil lamp that was invented a century and a half ago in Lviv.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Brudershaft

    The restaurant Brudershaft stands in downtown area, not far from the Rynok Square and Lviv’s major sights.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Vesely Rodger

    The restaurant Vesely Rodger is located near Lviv’s historical center and its key sights.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Khors

    The restaurant Khors stands in Old Town’s very center, within a few steps from the famous Opera Theater.

    Lviv Cuisine: European , Ukrainian

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