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  • Klarabara

    The restaurant Klarabara is located in the Odesa City Garden, a stone’s throw away from Deribasovskaya Street. The menu caters authentic Odesa-style dishes, cooked with fresh ingredients from the famous Privoz Market. There is a seasonal menu, along with desserts and wine lists.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Bernardazzi

    The restaurant-club Bernardazzi is located in Odesa's historical center in the New Exchange building. It's a separate world with pleasant music, tasty food, good mood and heartfelt comfort.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Ukrainskaya Lasunka

    Situated in Odesa's historical center - on the legendary Deribasovskaya Street - the restaurant Ukrainskaya Lasunka is one of the city's first restaurants devoted to Ukrainian cuisine.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Dacha

    The cozy restaurant Dacha is situated in the restored ancient manor in the French Boulevard's park zone. The atmosphere of seaside holiday center of the 1930s is recreated here in full.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Kumanets

    The ethnographic Ukrainian cuisine's restaurant Kumanets is situated in Odesa's very center in a couple of steps from Deribasovskaya Street. Building's design and its interiors are carried out in country house style: wattle fences, jags, carts and other attributes of rural life.

    Odesa Cuisine: Ukrainian
  • Maman

    Located in the very center of Odesa, the restaurant Maman is renowned for its simple cuisine and welcoming ambience.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian
  • Gambrinus

    Founded at the end of XIX century, the pub Gambrinus is located in the historic center of Odesa, next to the City Garden.

    Odesa Cuisine: Ukrainian
  • Khizhina

    The restaurant Khizhina is situated in the picturesque park, a stone’s throw away from Odesa Airport.  It stands out for its authentic cuisine, inviting ambience and high-quality service.

    Odesa Cuisine: Ukrainian , Caucasian
  • Franzol

    The cafe Franzol is set in the Odesa downtown, in the famous Deribasovskaya Street. Its menu caters Odesa-style dishes, including mouth-watering homemade sausages, tsymes, forshmak. The bar offers signature liqueurs and classic spirits.

    Odesa Cuisine: Ukrainian
  • Prichal №1

    The restaurant Prichal №1 is located in one of the coziest beaches of Odesa, Lanzheron Beach. The menu consists of Mediterranean and authentic Odesa-inspired classics like mussels in red sauce, wine braised leg of lamb, red mullet, and gobies. The guests will be amazed at original taste and stunning presentation alike.

    Odesa Cuisine: European , Ukrainian

Restaurants in Ukraine are known for their hospitality, colorful, delicious cuisine, hospitality, good service and relatively low prices.

We offer a wide selection of restaurants Ukrainian, European, Caucasian, Asian and Chinese cuisine. You will bewitch atmosphere Ukrainian restaurants, and you will certainly come back again.

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