Kam'yana Mogyla Zaporizhzhia


Kam'yana Mogyla («Stone Tomb») is one of the most unusual geological formations in the world and an astonishing natural monument. It is a sand hill, located in the middle of the steppe, covered with large stones of peculiar forms. This «stone island» is around 14 million years old, which makes it the oldest archeological and cultural monument in Ukraine! Today, because of its originality, Kam'yana Mogyla received the status of a national historic-archeological sanctuary.

Kam'yana Mogyla used to be a sacral place for ancient inhabitants who lived here over twenty thousand years ago. During excavations, archeologists found among the piles of stones over sixty grottos, manholes and caves, as well as a pagan sanctuary. In ancient times, this place was a temple that connected three realms - heaven, earth and netherworld.

The main mystery of Kam'yana Mogyla is the paintings and petroglyphs engraved on the walls of its caves. Historians and scientists are still struggling to decode their meanings. These mysterious signs and symbols accumulated here over many centuries, turning Kam'yana Mogyla into sort of an artistic library of ancient peoples. It is said that at various times, Scythians, Kimmerians, Goths, Huns, Cumans, and even the semi-mythical Amazons lived here.

UFOlogists claim that this mystical «stone island», which is also called the Ukrainian Stonehenge, has a torrent of powerful energy. Even the Dalai Lama has recognized the place’s mystical pull: after several hours of meditation on a sacrificial stone, he confirmed that Kam'yana Mogyla is a true center of energy.

A museum operates on the territory of the sanctuary.

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