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  • Khortytsia

    Khortytsia is the heart of Zaporizhzhia, rightfully attracting the most people to the region. It is the biggest island on the Dnieper River and the subject of many myths and legends. The island is famous for its unique nature and interesting archeological findings. The traces of many cultures and epochs are interwoven here: in the past, Khortytsia was a home for Scythians, Sarmates, Pechenegs, and many others. But the most vivid scenes of the island’s history are undoubtedly connected to the Zaporizhian Cossacks, who founded the Cossacks' Republic here in the 16th century.

  • Kam'yana Mogyla

    Kam'yana Mogyla («Stone Tomb») is one of the most unusual geological formations in the world and an astonishing natural monument. It is a sand hill, located in the middle of the steppe, covered with large stones of peculiar forms. This «stone island» is around 14 million years old, which makes it the oldest archeological and cultural monument in Ukraine! Today, because of its originality, Kam'yana Mogyla received the status of a national historic-archeological sanctuary.

  • DniproGES

    This unique hydropower construction is (along with Khortytsia) the symbol of Zaporizhzhia. DniproGES is the oldest hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River; during its early years, it was the largest in Europe. Today, it is not as powerful as many other hydroelectric stations in the world. However, it remains a familiar construction in Zaporizhzhia that embodies an entire epoch.

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