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  • The Assumption Cathedral

    Kharkiv's oldest orthodox church - the magnificent Assumption Cathedral - rivets attention with its elegance and grandeur. It is situated at the Universytetskaya Gorka (hill) - an old district, where city's fortress used to stand - and is reckoned among the brightest sights of Kharkiv.

  • Annunciation Cathedral

    Situated at town's historical center, the grandiose Annunciation Cathedral - one of the most beautiful Kharkiv's churches - rivets attention by its original forms and uncommon striped patterns. Built in Russian and Byzantine style, it is recognized as unique architectural monument of the early 20th century and inevitably remains in the center of tourists' attention.

  • Freedom Square

    The huge Freedom Square is Kharkiv's most famous sight that remains town's landmark for almost hundred years. The unique square, striking with its size, is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world. It is arranged in form of flask with the whole boulevard 'inside' it. The Freedom Square is Khrakiv's heart that sets the rhythm of the town's life.

  • Monastyrsky Island

    Enfolding its main hill in crescentic embrace, the legendary Monastyrsky Island is Dnipropetrovsk's urban nucleus and undoubtedly most mysterious and romantic sight. The island is part of Dnipropetrovsk's largest park complexShevchenko Park - and is the favourite relaxing place for locals and an interesting tourist sight for city's guests.

  • The Transfiguration Cathedral

    Situated at the town's historical center, the majestic, striking with its strict beauty Transfiguration Cathedral is Dnipropetrovsk's symbol and belongs to Ukraine's prominent cultic buildings. This magnificent temple is the brightest architectural monument in classicism style and remains Dnipropetrovsk's true adornment for almost two centuries already.

  • The House of Organ and Chamber Music

    The House of Organ and Chamber Music is reckoned among Dnipropetrovsk’s brightest sights for a reason: it is located in the former St. Nikolas Cathedral’s building, which is considered to be one the most beautiful and original constructions in the city. It has an honorable status of the 20th century’s architectural monument and stands in the list of cultural heritage sites of national importance.

  • Dnipropetrovsk Quay

    The Dnipropetrovsk Quay, stretching along the right bank of the Ukraine’s main water artery for almost 30 kilometers, is considered to be the longest one in the country and in the whole Europe. It is one of the most well-known and frequently visited places in the city, Dnipropetrovsk’s trademark and locals’ pride.

  • Trinity Cathedral

    The Holy Trinity Cathedral, towering above the city center, is the main Orthodox temple in Dnipropetrovsk. Its majestic light building, crowned with green cupolas, is reckoned among the city most valuable historical and architectural monuments.

  • Bukovinian Metropolitan’s Residence (University)

    This peculiar building charms with its wonderful beauty and majesty. It is the main treasure of Chernivtsi and the pride of the local residents. The unique complex, in which different architectural styles are harmoniously combined, serves as a real decoration of the capital of Bukovina and leaves an indelible trace in the soul of everyone who is lucky enough to see it.

  • Hotyn fortress

    This small ancient town Hotyn, whose remarkable and difficult history is over a thousand years old, is one of the most important tourist and cultural centers of Bukovina. It is so appealing to travelers because of its unique fortress that played a significant role in the history of many European countries. It is a real masterpiece of the fortification art, one of the most powerful and well-preserved citadels on the territory of modern Ukraine.

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