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  • Institute for Noble Maidens

    Institute for Noble Maidens in the revolution was a closed institution. It gave education, aesthetic, ethical education, and the right to the position of the nobility and merchant nurturers of children.

  • Ilinska Church

    Ilinska Church - the first Orthodox church of Kyivan Rus. First memories of it are found before the Baptism of Russia.

  • Richard’s Castle

    Richard the Lion heart castle built in 1902-1904 in the style of English Gothic Revival and reminiscent of a medieval castle is truly mysterious story.

  • The House with Chimeras

    The house cannot be confused with any other. His luxurious facades, as well as fancy staircase at the front door, decorated with sculptures of fantastic animals and chimeras like peaked roofs removed from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

  • House of the Weeping Widow

    The main feature of this two-storey building - a sad female face fashioned on the facade. When the rain comes down the stone cheeks inconsolable beauties flow drops and it seems that she was crying. It is because of this bas-relief house got its name. However, who is depicted in bas-relief, and why «the widow» crying is still a mystery to historians of the city.

  • Grygoriy Skovoroda Monument

    Monument to the great Ukrainian educator - humanist. Grygoriy Skovoroda (1722-1794) - an outstanding Ukrainian «humanist and educator», poet, philosopher, musician, and teacher.

  • State Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine

    It is the only museum of its kind in our country. In 1923 the museum collection was started by legendary art theater «Berezil» actors, led by the brilliant director Les Kurbas.


  • Vydubychi Monastery

    Wonderful architectural and historical ensemble Vydubychi monastery located in the tract Vidubichi. Monastery enjoyed wide popularity during the time of Kyivan Rus. His abbot Sylvester edited here chronicle «The Tale of Bygone Years».

  • Volodymyrsky Cathedral

    This is an unbeatable sacred building, according to critics, is a true temple - monument inimitable model of perfect fusion of different arts: architecture, monumental wall and easel paintings, works of decorative art.

  • Askold’s grave

    Askold's grave is part of the park complex on the slopes of the right bank of the Dnieper River. In ancient times, this area was called Ugric Urochishchye. According to the legend, near this place, on the banks of the Dnieper River, in 882 Prince Oleg killed Kyivan princes Askold and Dir.

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